All I really need to know in life I learned from doing a marathon...
LaWonda A. Eastwood

Wear minimal clothing.

Don't push yourself so hard you puke.

Be good to your body.

Don't be so focused that you lose sight of what surrounds you.

Keep going forward - but more importantly, just keep going.

If you're gonna start it, finish it - even if you have to crawl.

Rain is awesome.

Keep your thoughts positive - what you focus on becomes stronger.

Drink lots of water.

Take big strides.

Big challenges are good things.

Steer clear of whiners - they really drag you down.

Wear comfortable shoes.

Cheering on others boosts the both of you.

Go at your own pace - not someone else's.

There is always someone else in more pain than you.

Keep smiling - even when you're dying.

Breathe deeply.

And my personal favorite… sometimes, smaller breasts ARE better!!