Just like the Blue Heron in this picture, we are fishing for your contributions; photos. stories. poems, whatever you wish to share with fellow "Avers." Send your contributions via E-Mail to: theave@theave.org or wrdaniel05@pacbell.net or via snail mail to:

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And of course, check back here often to see what we caught!

Unfortunately, because of a mal intentioned hacker, some of the images and stories have been lost. If you can't find your pic or story, and would like, just resubmit and up it will go.

Running in Memory of my Husband  (Suzanne Rodkey) The Ave '06 WINNER
Big Foots and Redwoods (Chuck Easton) The Ave '06)
Battle in the Redwoods Marc Strosyc) The Ave '06
"Running With the Giants" (A poem by Ron Lane) The Ave '06
25'th Anniversary (Mary Hanna) The Ave '06
A Runners Tale (Marilyn Emery: Avid Pilot and reluctant runner)
Close Encounters Of The Last Kind (Stan Miguel)
It takes A Team To Fulfill A Dream (Some Awesome Ladies)
Miles For A Smile (Michelle Abbott)
"All I Really Need To Know" (LaWonda A. Eastwood)
Why They Call it The Avenue of the Giants Marathon (Photo be Steve Stillman)
Sally & Ronjon's Story
Kate's Story
The Bet
Mary Ann's Minnesota Vibrator Marathon

Alum Rock Dream Team