lum Rock Dream Team @ Founders Grove

Avenue of the Giants, 05/06/01

The Alum Rock Dream Team from San Jose started their road trip to the Avenue of the Giants Friday morning with 10 team members including 8 women, 2 men, and 2 vehicles connected by 2-way radios. The six hour drive was perfect to bring everyone up-to-date on our latest family adventures, training schedules, and summer vacation plans and was the start of our "Have a Happy Day Adventure". We stayed in a resort in Redway 16 miles south of the start line and arrived to 85° temperatures and a dip in the pool. Dinner in the small quaint stoned town of Garberville was interesting. Early Saturday morning before traffic and heat, the team traveled to Myers Flat for a picture with Big Foot and a half hour slow fun run down the Avenue under the magnificent majestic tall redwoods into Williams Grove, and gave everybody both the immense and small feelings of running with the Giants. The rest of the day was spent at registration, touring the course, and exploring Foundation Grove. The leisurely walk in the grove enabled us to look, touch, smell, feel, and absorb all of the tall tales of redwood history including the three climatic zones of base, stem and crown, as well as standing among the fallen giants. We supported the South Fork High School at their spaghetti dinner and talked at length to one of the teachers to learn about life in a small redwood town with a 100 mile school zone and dwindling lumber and tourist services occupations. Race morning found us all excited and ready to go. Bill and I walked the 10k finishing in 1:21:15. Angela ran the marathon 3rd in the 50/54 division with a 3:44:30. Nanci ran the marathon 5th in the 45/49 division in 4:04:26. The six other women were teamed in the 64 team marathon relay. Sue and Charmon finished 13th in 3:22:19 for the first place master's women. Camille and Roxanne finished 32nd in 4:02:23. Chris and Connie finished 41st in 4:12:57. We all had a marvelous time on this awesome most scenic course, and were absolutely thrilled to receive the finishers medallion for all of our hard earned efforts running with the Giants. Our most cherished important memories of the weekend were the Saturday morning short team run at Myers Flat, the tour through Foundation Grove, and the camaraderie of great friends.

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